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October 2019


September 2019

  • Four presentations and one poster given at the EAGE Fault and Top Seals conference in Palermo by researchers from the CARBFAULT team
  • CARBFAULT Phase I sponsors meeting held in Palermo, Sicily and attended by staff from Eni, OMV, Petrobras and Wintershall

February 2019


January 2019

  • New reports uploaded to website:-

CARBPapers providing detailed descriptions of key aspects of the project including:-

  • CP1: Faults in carbonates: a review
  • CP2: Atlas of known behaviour of faults in carbonate reservoirs

CARBNotes provide short reviews of key aspects of the project including:-

  • CN1: Overview of the CARBFAULT project
  • CN2: Summary of review of faults in carbonates
  • CN3: Summary of the Atlas of known fault behaviour in carbonate reservoirs
  • CN4: Data visualization and data mining
  • CN5: Carbonate fault seal plugin
  • CN6 Summary of key relationships from carbonate fault rock database
  • CN7: Geomechanical properties of carbonates
  • Carbfault researchers visit faults in microbial carbonates in Oman.
thrust ramp
Thrusted ramp structures in dolomites of the Hajar Fromation, near Wadi al Hat.

October 2018

  • CARBFAULT researchers revisit key outcrops in Malta and Sicily to assess the interaction of faults with open fractures.
cataclastic fault
Cataclastic fault at San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily, Italy.
cemented fracture
Partially cemented fracture in Lower Globigerina Limestone, Fomm ir-Rih, Malta, Maltese Islands
  • CARBFAULT researchers and sponsors visit faults in Austria.
researchers and sponsors visit

September 2018

cataclastic faults and breccias
Cataclastic faults and breccias within a highly fractured low porosity dolomite; near Ramsau, Austria
deformation bands
Deformation bands in a high porosity, peloidal limestone, St. Margarethen (Austria)